Sons of Confederate Veterans
David O Dodd - Camp 619
Benton, Arkansas

Camp Meetings

Camp meetings are regularly held at a convenient location near Benton, Arkansas.  The meetings are an important part of our SCV camp.  Event planning gets done and also a good healthy dose of bragging and story telling gets added in before the meetings are over.  It's a fun time for all.

Memorial Ceremonies

There are always proper occasions to honor our confederate veterans.  This includes the dedication of a tombstone marker and wreath ceremonies at Memorial and Veteran Day holidays.  Many SCV members participate in these honorable events.

Community Events

Each year the SCV Camp 619 participates in local community events.  These include an annual gun & relic show and Old Fashion Day booth on the courthouse square.  We have plans to celebrate the 2010 birthdate of Jefferson Davis by hosting a pot luck dinner at our regular camp meeting site.  Picnic trips to battlesites and historic parks are also planned during 2010.

Battle Reenactments

Several SCV members participate in civil war battle reenactments.  This is not a requirement to join the SCV.  It's simply one of the many different activities you can become involved with.  Camp reenactors have participated in many events over the past 20 years such as Gettysburg, Shiloh, Mansfield, Prairie Grove and many others.  It's quite an adrenaline rush to be in the heat of battle knowing you're standing on the ground once held and defended by our confederate veterans.

Gravesite Studies

Several SCV members are involved with researching local cemetaries in hopes of locating a confederate veteran soldier gravesite that needs a proper confederate miliary tombstone.  The group also does a general clean up of the cemetary if possible.